Drag Me To The Catskills
Performers as drag queens at the Drag Me to the Catskills event

Welcome to the “Drag Me to the Catskills” ultimate festival of pride and self-expression! Get ready for a blast from June 14-16, 2024 in the beautiful Sullivan Catskills. Picture this: wild dance parties, fabulous drag shows, and delicious drag brunches await you. Whether you’re a newbie to the drag world or a seasoned fan, this weekend promises non-stop laughs and fun.

Why Sullivan Catskills?

Sullivan Catskills in Upstate NY is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, delightful villages, and lively arts scene. It is commonly visited due to its nature beauty and welcoming atmosphere. “Drag Me to the Catskills” fits right in with the area’s vibe.

Overview of the Event

“Drag Me to the Catskills” is more than just a regular drag performance; it’s a complete weekend celebration. You’ll see amazing shows from top drag queens, dance all night at themed parties, and enjoy delicious drag brunches to start your day – it’s a celebration of diversity, creativity, and pride.

Drag Performances

Prepare to be amazed by a group of famous entertainers and main acts who bring charm, originality, boldness, and skill to the spotlight. Featuring a variety of performances such as classic lip-syncs, comedy routines, live singing, and more, each act highlights the talent and innovation of the drag community, ensuring you will be both entertained and motivated.

Energetic Dance Parties

A high-energy dance party is essential for a complete drag weekend. With exciting themes that promote amazingness, you’ll groove all night to the music of well-known DJs and performers. No matter if you prefer pop, disco, or electronic dance music, there is something for every taste to appreciate.

Delicious Drag Brunch

The drag brunch is one of the weekend’s highlights. Envision indulging in a delectable brunch while being enthralled by some of the most exceptional drag artists. With a dash of sparkle and sass, the menu offers inventive dishes in addition to traditional brunch favorites. It’s the ideal way to brighten your day as it begins.

A Celebration of Pride & Self-Expression

Celebration of Pride and Self-Expression: “Drag Me to the Catskills” is a celebration of Pride and the ability to express oneself, and it goes beyond just an event. This weekend is all about stepping out of a box and appreciating who you really are in a world when people occasionally try to put you in one. Everyone is welcome to be themselves in this welcoming and safe environment.

Drag Shows Upstate New York (NY)

“Drag Me to the Catskills” is a standout drag show in Upstate New York if you’re looking for one. This place offers a thrilling blend of vibrant shows, neighborly friendship, and the stunning Catskills scenery. Whether you’re traveling from a far-off country or a neighbor, this weekend promises to be something special.

Getting Your Tickets

“Drag Me to the Catskills” tickets are currently available! Select from a range of ticket bundles that suit your spending limits and tastes. There is a choice for you whether you want a weekend pass or only a ticket for a particular event. To get tickets and reserve your place at this amazing celebration, go to our official event website.

Travel & Accommodation

Thinking of a weekend stay? The Catskills have options, from cozy bed and breakfasts to fancy hotels. Book early for the perfect spot to unwind after festivities. To travel, think about carpooling with friends or using public transportation in the region.

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community

“Drag Me to the Catskills” isn’t just fun; it’s also about backing the LGBTQ+ community. Profits from the event support local LGBTQ+ groups and initiatives for equality and acceptance. Your involvement matters, ensuring everyone has a voice and a place they belong.

Event Schedule

here’s a detailed schedule of performances and activities for the “Drag Me To The Catskills” Drag show.

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“Drag Me to the Catskills” guarantees a weekend full of unique experiences. From mesmerizing drag shows to lively dance gatherings and unforgettable brunches, this event offers something truly special. Don’t pass up the chance to celebrate Pride, express yourself, and revel in the beauty of Sullivan Catskills. Secure your tickets today and be part of an extraordinary adventure!